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Demographic Info

OLD Edelweiss Registration Form 
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2024/2025 Registration

2, 3 or 5 Day Jr Kindergarten Option

Please upload a photo of your child (face only) that clearly shows his/her face for identification purposes.

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5 Day Kindergarten Program
Does Child Live With Both Parents?
Caregiver Information

Persons other than parents authorized to pick up child: Please fill out name and relationship to child.

Emergency Contact

Alberta Children’s Services requires an Emergency contact name, street address & phone number:

Health History

All fields under Health History are required. If there is nothing to report, just type N/A.

Does Your Child Have an Epi-Pen?
Does Your Child Have an Inhaler?
Does Your Child Have an Antihistamine?

If so, you will need to complete a Severe Allergy Alert Form available from the school office and provide the school with emergency medication to be kept at school. Please watch expiry dates on products.

Are all immunizations up to date?
Developmental History
Is your child potty trained?
Personal History
Does your child understand English?
Does your child speak age-appropriate English?

Documents may take a second to upload.

Thanks for submitting! You may close this tab and go back to the Registration Centre
Caregiver Information
Emergency Contact
Health History
Developmental History
Personal History
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