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Edelweiss Preparatory School Registration 2024/2025

The subsidized rates under the Early Learning and Child Care Agreement $75/month fee reduction are shown in rates below. An additional $125/month subsidy is available to parents with a household income of under $180,000. Parents apply for subsidy and the $125 will be deducted upon approval.



Preschool (age 3 by Jan 7, 2025)
2, 3 or 5 Day Jr. Kindergarten (age 4 by Jan 6, 2025)

You can combine 2 Day JrK & a 3 Day JrK for a discounted fee of $558/month

5 Day Kindergarten Program (age 5 by Jan 6, 2025)
Kindergarten Information

After completing our Private Kindergarten program, children may attend Grade 1 if they are of age or may go to a Kindergarten at their elementary school the following year. Our program covers Alberta Education Kindergarten curriculum with enhancement and is longer hours. We do not issue an Alberta Education Student ID number so your child can attend our Kindergarten and another kindergarten in the same year or in a subsequent year.    

How To Register
How To Register

To ensure a space for your child at Edelweiss Preparatory School, all of the following are required to brought with you at the time of registration.

**NOTE: included in your registration/materials fee are all school supplies, a snack bag, a tote bag and a set of Mabel's labels to use for uniform items, tote bag and snack containers. These items are given in September to all registered students prior to school starting.

Edelweiss Preparatory School Policies
School Policies
Entrance Requirements

Edelweiss accepts all children who can toilet independently and can separate without excessive anxiety from their parent/caregiver. We work with parents to help the children settle into the program and have lots of expertise in this area.   Edelweiss requires a registering student to be able to understand some English and be able to express basic needs to feel comfortable in our program. 

Changes/Cancellation Policy

60 Days written notice from the first of the month is required for cancellation. There are no refunds from cancellations after Jan 1st, 2024. The registration, materials, and CHCA fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If a class is cancelled due to weather or an emergency event, the class cannot be made up.

There is a $60 fee for switching/changing classes after July 1, 2024


Method of Payment

We require a VOID cheque for the monthly tuition payments using the attached form for Direct Debit payments. The school year runs September through June however, one month’s tuition is withdrawn in advance on July 1st, 2024 and then tuition fees are Sept 1, 2024 through to May 1st 2025 and the final payment for the school year is withdrawn on May 1st, 2025. No fees will be withdrawn on June 1, 2024 as one month was prepaid. We do not accept postdated cheques for tuition unless you choose to pay in a lump sum for the year in advance.  Registration/materials fees are payable by e-transfer at the time of registration along with the VOID cheque for the direct debit system. There is a $20 charge for all NSF cheques or bank debits. There is a $20 fee for referral letters/forms per child per school if requested by parents when making applications to other school.


Parents are responsible to provide a nutritious nut-free, litter less snack along with a drink for their child for each class. Snacks are to be sent in the snack bag provided. Please use a reusable drink container that is labeled with your child's name on it. Edelweiss maintains a “no nut” policy which asks that children not bring any snacks that contain nuts due to the high occurrence of nut allergies in children.


We do not administer any medication to students.  Exceptions are

Epi-Pens / Inhalers / Antihistamines which will be administered as needed for first aid.


All Edelweiss students wear uniforms solely from Top Marks. Uniforms are not included in the tuition fees listed.  Students must be dressed in their uniform to attend classes. All uniforms are to be purchased in the form of a package exclusively from Top Marks  All uniforms are to be labeled with the child’s name on each piece. Edelweiss is not responsible for lost or missing items.  All uniforms should fit properly and be kept in clean and good repair. Shoes are your choice as long as they have non-marking soles and no laces.  All shoes need to be labeled with your child’s name on them. No flip flops or crocs are allowed.  Please see the Top Marks order forms package for further information. Complimentary uniform fittings are held at Edelweiss on Thursday, April 18th, 2024 between 3:30-7:30 pm by appointment.


Communication between home and school is integral to a student's success. Information on classroom events, newsletters, calendars & changes in programming are sent to all parents on the email list. There is lots of information in these documents to help you follow your child's program and all the school events. Should classes be cancelled due to weather or an emergency, parents will be notified by email.  Please check email regularly for school updates. Progress reports are sent home in November, early March and June for Kindergarten; early March and end of June for Jr K and at the end of June for Preschool. Parent conferences are held twice a year for each class.

A back to school newsletter will be emailed to parents in July.
A parent handbook will be emailed to parents upon registration.
The school calendar & updated information is on the school website:
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