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Our Staff

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” - Albert Einstein ​ Our aim as teachers is to create the most positive connection possible, which is why all of the Edelweiss Preparatory School staff are extremely sensitive to each child’s development, learning style and way of being in the world. ​ The first priority of our teachers is the children in the classroom. The teachers provide a stimulating environment geared to the needs of the individual child and the group and maintain ongoing communication with parents. ​ Our Early Childhood Teachers hold a diploma in Early Childhood Education or a Bachelor of Education degree and have previous teaching experience. All staff are required to hold valid First Aid certification and have completed an up-to-date Criminal Record Check and a Child Welfare Information Systems Check.   Teachers are continually updating their expertise through professional development workshops and conferences in the field of Early Childhood. A biography is available at the school on each teacher when you come for a visit. ​ A teacher affects eternity. She can never tell where her(his) influence stops. - Henry Brooks Adams

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