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Edelweiss is committed to improving the environmental and developmental health of the children at Edelweiss.


As part of this commitment we have become the first school in Alberta to receive certification as an ECO Healthy Child Care facility through the Children’s Environmental Health Network who certify centres world wide. This certification is given to childcare facilities who eliminate or reduce toxins in their facilities. Emerging science is linking chemicals commonly found in child care settings to allergies, asthma, developmental disabilities and cancer. Environmental exposures can cause, worsen, or contribute to these conditions.


By becoming Eco-certified, Edelweiss is helping to provide an environmentally healthy setting for your child to learn and grow in.

In addition to this certification, we have installed 3 NASA technology air purifiers in each classroom. These units are the only F.D.A. recognized Class II Medical Device air purifiers on the market today. They constantly purify the air, going beyond HEPA standards to capture 99.97% of airborne particles.


We incorporate monthly environmental themes into our early learning program to educate our students about environmental sustainability and responsibility. 


Our compost goes into the “blue earth” bins used by the community gardens at the front of our school. There is also an “Edelweiss Green Corner” in the hallway for parents and children to further their learning.

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