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  1. I will give the school 60 days written notice if I need to cancel my registration or pay the tuition fees in lieu of notice.

  2. If my child catches an illness, I will keep my child at home for the well being of my child and the other children in the school and will contact the school if my child is going to be away from school.

  3. I will contact the school immediately if my child contracts any communicable disease.

  4. I will not leave the school building until my child is in the care of his/her teachers.

  5. I will pick up my child on time and will notify the school of any other individuals that are allowed to pick up my child. I understand that the individual picking up my child must be at least 18 years of age and that the school office must be notified in writing or by phone and in advance of the pick-up.

  6. I will not send my child with snacks that contain nuts.

  7. I will adhere to the uniform policy and purchase all my child’s uniform pieces from Top Marks. I agree not to re-sell the uniform when my child is finished with it.

  8. I will waive all claims against Edelweiss Preparatory School Ltd. and its Directors in excess of the liability insurance coverage carried by Edelweiss Preparatory School Ltd. in the case of injury/illness/accident/death to my child while in the custody or control of Edelweiss Preparatory School Ltd.

  9. I understand that neither Edelweiss Preparatory School Ltd. nor the Cambrian Heights Community Association will be responsible for any accident/incident involving the welfare of any child while travelling to and from the school prior to and after class times/school hours.

  10. I hereby give permission for my child to accompany his/her class under the supervision of Edelweiss Preparatory School Ltd. teachers and parent volunteers on outings during the school year. This includes educational field trips with travel by a chartered school bus as well as outside activities adjacent to the Cambrian Heights Community Centre.

  11. I agree that my child has permission to engage in all prescribed school activities.

  12. I authorize the staff of Edelweiss Preparatory School Ltd. to take whatever emergency measures they deem necessary for the protection of my child while in their care.

  13. I grant permission for Edelweiss Preparatory School Ltd. staff to perform any medical treatment that the school staff deems to be reasonably required by the student in the event of sudden illness or injury and to obtain, at my expense, any medical care, including emergency transportation and emergency treatment. I understand that this may be prior to contacting me and at my expense.

  14. By registering with Edelweiss Preparatory School Ltd. I agree that Edelweiss Preparatory School Ltd. will not be held responsible for any accident, illness, injury or loss, liability, damage or cost they may incur however caused and agree to release and hold harmless all instructors, staff, volunteers and sponsors from all claims or damages without limitation which may arise as a result of/or by reason of such accident, illness or loss.

I hereby acknowledge that I am the parent or legal guardian of the student. I have fully read and understand all parts of this document prior to signing it and have signed it freely and voluntarily.

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